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News – TRS-Methode – The RockDrain System

Drain, water-, fire and frost -proofing of tunnels and underground constructions.

With our commitment and experience we offer the innovative, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable RockDrain tunnel and underground drain, water, fire and frost -proofing system. The RockDrain System (TRS-Methode) is one of our main product groups.

Our line of environmental friendly and innovative waterproof concreteproducts bring advantages into all concrete construction in general.

Sometimes we meet people in the construction industry that doubt the quality of waterproof concrete. To them, and all others, we will say;

Our concrete experts with more than 50 years experience only used modern technology to improved the success they had in eg. Petra Jordan for about 2.200 years ago with waterproof concrete. 

“They created underground cisterns that were lined with waterproof cement, to prevent the water from seeping into the earth. The cisterns were very well-constructed, and several of them are still in use to this day.”

Clip from; http://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-technology/sophisticated-water-technologies-ancient-nabataeans-002193

So, when an even better solutions comes along – use it!

Report from Swedish Transport Administration;

Full-scale test in the Road Tunnel Lundbytunnel in Gothenburg.

Conclusion Lundbytunnel fullscale test

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New owner;

June 1. 2017 IBS Morten Nesheim bought 50% of the shares in RockDrain AB.  The company also bought the patent rights from Manetia Techonolgies AB.

The sale will open the possibilities to marketing RockDrain also in Sweden where the system has been full-scale tested over a period of nearly eight years.

Article in Tunnelling Journal February 2017

Tunnelling Journal February 2017

LCC, LCA for Swedish Transport Admin;

Calculated by IVL-Swedish Environmental Research Institute