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The RockDrain-system

Drainage, fire and frost protection in tunnels and underground structures.

The RockDrain system is a reliable, cost-effective, safe and sustainable system for drainage, fire and frost protection of tunnels and underground structures.

For example; When constructing a 16 km tunnel in Sweden it is possible to reduce costs by approx. SEK 1.5 billion compared with full molding and membranes.

When a better solution comes – use it!

Report from Swedish Transport Administration;

Full-scale installation in the Roadtunnel Lundbytunnel in Gothenburg

One of the conclusions sounds; The site in the Lundby tunnel shows good functioning with a dry traffic environment and outflow through the drainnet behind the tiled wall.

Rating class is given a value of zero which means no inspection or maintenance beyond 10 years.

Evaluation Lundbytunnel fullscale installation

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Article in Tunnelling Journal February 2017

Tunnelling Journal February 2017

LCC, LCA for Swedish Transport Admin;

Calculated by IVL-Swedish Environmental Research Institute