1. The channel mesh cannot be installed directly on the rock surface because attachment with drilled holes and plugs would be all too complex. Normally the surface is permanently reinforced with shotcrete, this will naturally suffice.
2. The channel mesh being soft and pliable, and can be installed where the tunnel's contour does follow the tolerance requirements for drilling and blasting that are set for traffic tunnels.
3. RockDrain can be installed on surfaces with water leakage, to the degree that the shotcrete does adhere. In cases of larger leakages, the leakage must either be sealed or handled by using small grouted drains, with a sealing layer. RockDrain is then installed over this.

RockDrain’s major advantages

  • 1. Lower overall cost for new production.
  • 2. Significantly lower costs from an LCC perspective. Complies with prepared models from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
  • 3. Significantly lower environmental impact from an LCA perspective. Complies with prepared models from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
  • 4. Fulfills the requirement for inspectability; any movement in the underlying rock mass is quickly discovered.
  • 5. Easy to replace in the event of damage to the construction.
  • 6. Less traffic impact during repairs and upgrades.
  • 7. Less resource-demanding and with no risk for fire during installation.
  • 8. Requires no bolting; a homogeneous construction with adhesion in each layer.
  • 9. Significantly easier to handle and lower weight than drainage mats or membrane.
  • 10. Requires less space in the tunnel cross-section, which means less blasting and rock transport.
  • 11. Tighter, no leaking installation bolts and joints.
  • 12. Reduced risk for cracking, requires no dilation joints.
  • 13. Capability for preventive maintenance flushing.
  • 14. Easy to check function. Open a horizontally mounted flush pipe and see if water runs out in larger volumes.
  • 15. In extreme cases, in deep tunnels with high water pressure, the flush pipes can be equipped with a pressure stage indicator.
  • 16. Less energy-demanding in the manufacturing process.
  • 17. Can be applied to surfaces with unchanneled and running water. The limit for possible application is where the shotcrete does not adhere.
  • 18. Constitutes a monolithic construction with full adhesion between the different layers.
  • 19. It is a drainage system that does not need to be engineered for full water pressure.
  • 20. Solbruk T is completely fireproof and does not break down even at temperatures of the magnitude of 1200 degrees C. Complies with the HC curve’s requirements.
  • 21. The open channel system, with a large number of alternative evacuation options, entails that the risk for plugging is small. Should this occur nonetheless, the system is easy to flush.
  • 22. The draining function can be checked through inspection via the flush pipes.
  • 23. The open channel system with its expansion capabilities, entails that the risk for frost erosion is small even if the construction freezes.