The goal: To make safe water, fire and water-proof tunnels and underground facilities,
using less time, money and effort.

The Solution: The RockDrain System.

The RockDrain System is the most environmentally safe drainage system that constitutes a monolithic construction. It requires no bolts for installation, and is unaffected by suction and compression forces. It interacts with the rock mass instead of concealing it (enabling inspections). The RockDrain System is resistant to fire and requires less space in tunnel cross-sections (only 6cm). Installation is less resource-demanding and significantly faster than other systems. The construction is easy to repair, does not require tunnel closures during repairs. The RockDrain System has a lifespan of more than 120 years, both LCC and LCA figures are significantly lower than other systems.

The Kinder Egg solution

While working on this concept we understood that by using new and improved concrete we could not only make it waterproof, but frost and fire-resistant as well. The end solution turned out to be cost effective, long lasting, safe and easy to install. Outperforming conventional solutions in every possible way.

Nano Technology

By utilizing the latest technology we are able to produce a tailor-made concrete to your specific needs. NANO particles interact with sand and cement and completely transforms the structure of the concrete, giving it close to superpowers!

Easy installing

The RockDrain System require only a few workers, a lift, drain net, gasdriven nailgun and shotcrete. Safe, easy and costeffective.

The Net

Our main idea was the net. A simple way to drain water from tunnel sealings. Water is often the main enemy of concrete constructions. By giving the water a way out we can obtain a long lasting, and completely waterproof structure.