Rockdrain net

Give the water a way out!

Nearly all tunnels and underground constructions
encounter water leaks.

To keep the tunnel dry the contractors need a sustainable solution to drain and lead the water from the tunnel rock surface down to the main drainage.


The RockDrain drainage system consists of a channel network in the format 80 x 120 cm, and is flexible enough to connect against a rough surface.  It is mounted on the minimum 3 cm shotcrete surface. The maximum flow is 162 liter per meter per minute.


The RockDrain System is safe and easy to install, mounted from the ceiling middle, downwards. Overlapping can be adjusted with 4 cm. The RockDrain net is mounted permanently with steel nails through the plastic anchors into the previously applied shotcrete. For anchoring, preferably a gasdriven nailgun is used.

Mounting the net

Cross-section drawing

  1. Leaking rock surface.
  2. Shotcrete approx. 30 mm 
  3. RockDrain channel net
  4. RockDrain-T, waterproof, fireproof and insulating shotcrete. If no need for frostproofing, use RockDrain ADD to waterproof B35 M45 E700 or similar. Thickness 50 – 60 mm.
  5. End of drainnet.
  6. Main drainage.